Knowing Our Purpose

Bronwen de Klerk
2 min readMar 8, 2022

We are all born with a purpose we need to fulfil on this earth, in this lifetime. Our heart’s communicate to us to try and keep us aligned with our purpose. As babies and young children we are in touch with this purpose, but we don’t yet have the life experience and knowledge to fulfil it. As we get older, we start to gain more knowledge and life experience, but sometimes (and often) at the expense of staying in touch with our true selves, our core, our purpose. We start to live in our heads, neglecting our heart’s and body. At a simplistic level, this is the cause of unhappiness, stress, illness, addictions and disease.

The solution? Getting back in touch with our heart’s voice, our intuition. How do we do that? All change starts with awareness — awareness of the present moment, of what our current unhealthy habits are, of what is creating our stress and illness. Through that awareness we can take responsibility and start to create new habits, healthier habits.

Once you love yourself, unconditionally, and you are not blocking your emotions, you are in a better position to get in touch with your purpose, your calling, your destiny. For each person this is different, and might change over time. We all need to find and do the things that make us come alive. That makes our heart sing and time disappear.

We waste too much of our lives trying to be what other people want us to be. We look outside for the answers or we distract ourselves other things because we can’t quite place this uneasiness we feel, but God has given us the answers inside. We just need to be still and listen. We need to quiet our mind, listen to our heart, and get in touch with our purpose.

So the message I want to leave you with today: Listen. Be aware of what is happening within. Trust your intuition. Find your balanced state — your happy place.

There is a path for each of us that would make us feel fulfilled — our purpose. Nobody around us can tell us what that path is, only we can find it. When you are getting more in touch with yourself, you will start to get a stronger sense of what you deeply want to be doing with your life. Once you start to get more in touch with this sense deep inside of you, you are more likely to notice when an opportunity comes your way that is in line with where you feel you need to be going.

There is something on this earth that you can do that will make you feel whole — go out and enjoy the journey finding it.



Bronwen de Klerk

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